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The shooting of THE DISTANT ECHO has started on Tuesday 27th January 2009. Directed by Edwin BAILY (Nicolas Le Floch, A Family Murder Party), produced by Christian CHARRET and Jacques SALLES (GTV, Marathon Group) for France 2, THE DISTANT ECHO is a two 90 minutes episodes thriller. A 9 weeks long shooting is scheduled until Marc 27th 2009 in Le Havre, Rouen and in the vicinity (Normandy, France).
The films stars young talented Julien BAUMGARTNER, Dimitri STOROGE, Pascal CERVO, and Antoine HAMEL - playing the four heroes of the story over a 15 years period - as well as Jean-Pierre MALO, Jean-Pierre LORIT, Sara MORTENSEN, Mia DELMAE.
Written by Bernard MARIE (co-author on Night Squad / France 2 - 2001 to 2008), THE DISTANT ECHO is the first French TV version of the best-selling mystery by Val MCDERMID, the woman behind many acclaimed thrillers (Killing the shadows, The Mermaids singing, Wire in the blood, The place of execution) often adapted on TV and for the cinema).