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Accident de Parcours, the new thriller by GTV now in shooting

Produced by Sandra d’Aboville (GTV) and directed by Patrick Volson, Accident de Parcours is a 90’ psychological thriller for France 3 relates the descent into hell of a man haunted by guilt. The film is in shooting from November 16 to December 14, 2010 in Bordeaux, France.

Early one morning, a man is driving fast. Too fast. As he drives through a village, he hits a kid. The driver pulls over, but no-one has seen him. No-one knows he has killed the child. He runs away.
As a journalist, he has to investigate this very story for his paper, as the event is the talk of the town. Worn down by the fear of being exposed, he starts writing his articles so that he can’t be suspected, especially by the two women of his life: his wife and his mistress. Now what really happened that morning?

Accident de Parcours is written by Alain le Henry, based on the eponymous novel by Jean Cavé.