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GTV films Up & Down for France 2

GTV has just started filming Up & Down (working title), the 90’ minute comedy produced by Sandra D’aboville for France 2. Filming takes place in Lyon and its surroundings fom April 14th to Mai 16th. Up & Down is directed by Ernesto Oña, who also signed the scripts alongside Jean-Marie Duprez.

When Caroline Delacour, 54 years old, exemplary spouse and mother of two, who dedicated her life to her family, hears from her husband that he is leaving her, the world around her collapses. With no money and very few friends left, she desperately needs to find a job… or a new husband. One day, though, she is hired as a supermarket demonstrator and against all odds, she will succeed in her task and prove that she can be self-sufficient and happy all over again.

Cast: Charlotte de Turckheim (Caroline), Catherine Jacob (Valérie), Claudia Tagbo (Bommart), Sofia Essaidi (Leila), Yannig Samot (Fred), Philippe Uchan (Charles), Sophie Mounicot (Babeth) et Fred Saurel (Jean-Louis)