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Record audience for MURDERS IN PROVENCE on France 3

Murders in Provence, a film drama co-produced by GTV Productions (a Zodiak Media company) and Leyland Films achieved a record breaking audience on Saturday evening May 23rd at 20.50 on France 3 - with 4.29m viewers and a share of 19.9%
The strong performance of Murders in Provence put France 3 at #2 in its time period.

Representing the first co-production by Zodiak for the series of ‘one-offs’ under the banner of ‘France 3 Murders’ - Murders in Provence achieved the best performance since the series began.
It was also the best performance for France 3 in this time slot since September 2012!

Starring Ingrid Chauvin - who is enormously popular in France - and Thomas Jouannet Murders in Provence is produced by Jerome Vignac (Leyland Films) and Jacques Salles (GTV Productions/Zodiak Media) and directed by Thierry Peythieu.
The script was adapted by Nicole Jamet and Gaëlle Baron from a story by Jerome Vignac and Stéphanie Joalland. Other cast include Yannick Soulier, Isabelle Spade and Aladin Reibel.