Zodiak France

Who Killed Little Red Riding Hood

4x52 minutes or 2x90 minutes

The new nail-biting thriller by the acclaimed director Serge Meynard.
Awarded "Best mini-series" at the 2009 La Rochelle TV Film Festival.
Gathered 3 million viewers on France 2 on August 22nd, 2012 (with a market share of 16.7% on viewers aged 4+, which is 6 points higher than the slot average).
The mini-series thus ranks as 8th best-rated fiction of the year on the channel.

On a summer night, a young woman is found dying on the side of the road. Beside her lays the lifeless body of her friend from high school. It seems like they have been mowed down by a car, a tragic incident. Soon it appears that the truth is much darker: the girl has been raped. All of a sudden, the all-so-friendly villagers of the peaceful-looking little town become afraid of their own secrets; everyone keeps silent as somewhere, a hit-and-run driver, a rapist and a murderer is in hiding...


Written by Serge Meynard, Chantal Pelletier
Directed by Serge Meynard
Casting Quentin Baillot, Jemima West, Samuel Labarthe, Marie-France Pisier, Thomas Jouannet, Julie-Anne Roth, Eric Poulain, Jean-Pierre Lorit, Carole Franck
Broadcaster France 3
Produced by GTV - Sandra d'Aboville