Zodiak France

Agatha's double

2x90 minutes

Paris, summer 2006. Agatha is about to get married. She is also about to graduate in history, putting the finishing touches to a study on an ancient secret society. But these innocent days are about to come to an abrupt end for Agatha. A young woman has been found drowned in the Seine. A woman also named Agatha – who looks just like her! Who is this mysterious double and why do the police suspect Agatha of her murder?

As she struggles to hide from the police and uncover the truth, the trail leads her back to the same ancient secret society that she was studying... Just who is behind this powerful society, threatening her life and suppressing her work so that its secrets are never told?

Written by Emmanuelle Michaux, Claire Lemaréchal
Directed by Thierry Binisti
Casting Cécile Bois, François Vincentelli, Constance Dollé, Béatrice Agenin & Michel Jonasz
Broadcaster France 2