Zodiak France

An Old Man's Secret

1x90 minutes

France. 1942. As Resistance fighters struggle against the occupying German forces, 12-years old Yvon is sent to stay with his grandfather in the French countryside.

Yvon hardly knows his grandfather, Leon. When Yvon spots a portrait of Marshal Pétain hanging in his office, he is shocked and saddened. His father died as an aviator in the war and his mother is a Resistance fighter. And his grandfather is collaborating with the enemy. Could this be true?

Unknown to his family, Leon is secretly a top leader within the Resistance. And when Yvon's mother is captured, He risks his life to save her. She and Yvon safely escape. But Leon is captured and sent away. It will be years before the liberation of the prison camps and the stirring reunion between grandfather and grandson.

Starring 8-time César award winner Michel Serrault
Directed by Pierre Boutron of "t;The Dominici Case"t;

Directed by Pierre Boutron
Casting Michel Serrault, Florence Pernel, Clémentine Célarié, Georges Claisse, Annie Gregorio, & Arthur Vaughan-Whitehead.
Produced by GTV, Christian Charret & Jacques Salles for TF1, la Région Aquitaine, BE-FILMS, RTL-TVI & TSR.