Zodiak France

Eagle Bridge

1x90 minutes

When Naomi comes back to her home town to open a hairdressing salon she feels like a stranger in her own town.
But one day as her daughter was walking over the 'Eagle Bridge' she collapses in a trembling fit. disturbed by the bizarre voice of a strange man?

Taking her directly for medical treatment. Doctor Faure confirms Naomi's worst fears that the past has come back to haunt and traumatise her young daughter.

They are both well aware that the dramatic event that took place 13 years ago on Eagle Bridge has come back to haunt them once again.

Written by Serge Meynard, Jacques Mazeau
Directed by Serge Meynard
Casting Patrick Chesnais, Caroline Baehr
Broadcaster France 3
Produced by GTV / Art & Cinéma 2002