Zodiak France

Jury Duty

1x90 minutes

A man is assigned jury duty on a trial for a murder he committed.

Rural France, 1962: Gregoire Duval, a respected local pharmacist, witnesses a heated confrontation between a young couple. As he approaches, the young man storms off, leaving his half-naked girlfriend behind. Gregoire is gripped by a sudden, inexplicable urge and attacks the beautiful, yet defenseless girl. When she puts up a fight, Gregoire loses control and strangles her. As he realizes what he has done, Gregoire also realizes that absolutely no one witnessed what happened, and he is free to flee the scene… and get away with murder.

The local police waste no time in arresting a suspect: the young woman’s last boyfriend, farmhand Khader Boualam. Khader is an ideal suspect in a country boiling over with racist sentiment in the aftermath of the Algerian war for independence.

The innocent Arab faces an almost certain conviction and death penalty, and Gregoire faces his first feelings of remorse for his crime. And in a perverse twist of fate, Gregoire is assigned jury duty for Khader’s trial and now must not only confront his own conscience: he must also face the man accused of a crime he committed himself.

Stunningly subtle performances by acclaimed French actor Jean-Pierre Darroussin and a solid supporting cast round out this gripping drama. A brilliant musical score by Bruno Coulais (The Chorus, Hellphone, The Crimson River, etc.) heightens the film’s dramatic tension.


Directed by Edouard Niermans
Casting Jean-Pierre Darroussin
Produced by Laurent Ceccaldi & Christian Charret