Zodiak France

Lovely lies

1x90 minutes

Head over heels, but what bad timing...

Isabelle Delambre is the seductively beautiful editor in chief of the magazine "Luxury World".
Unfortunately for her, she can't reveal her true identity to the Prince Charming she's just met, a certain Max Ronsac.

As it happens, the ink is still drying on the venomous column she's written about the rather peculiar resort Max owns in southern Morocco.

After pulling out all stops in an attempt to prevent him finding out who she really is, Isabelle finally owns up to the truth.
Happily for her, love proves itself stronger than lies and injurious words ever could be.

Written by Catherine touzet
Directed by Laurence Katrian
Casting Michèle Laroque, Thierry Neuvic, Carole Richert, Dominic Gould, Manu Payet, hélènes Surgères, Eliza Maillot, Pierre Laplace, Peter Hudson
Produced by GTV for TF1, with the participation of the CNC.