Zodiak France

Mr. Right

1x90 minutes

When Alexandra, a career women of 35 finally decides to have a baby, she is stunned when her boyfriend Marc intends to leave her for his mistress. But she refuse to give him up without a fight: although her three girlfriends do all they can to find her another man, she remains hopelessly stubborn. Then, her new colleague Forrest falls for her. At first, the attraction is mutual, but he soon realizes that she is still in love with Marc and cannot make a commitment.

Meanwhile Alexandra meets her rival, Diane, who confides in her to the extent of asking advice when she has problems with Marc. Alexandra plays along and even agrees to be a witness at their wedding.

At the ceremony, Alexandra is reunited with Forrest and at last realizes that he is the reliable, loving man she needs. They fall into each others arms . Happy at last, she agrees to marry him...

Written by Nicole Jamet
Directed by Didier Albert
Casting Michèle Laroque, Patrick Catalifo, Hippolyte Girardot, Delphine Rich, Maïwenn
Broadcaster TF1