Zodiak France

My Darling Caroline

1x90 minutes

Florence. a dynamic forty-year-old. is in love with Ben. a cheerful academic in his early thirties. Despite the age difference. he seems mature and committed enough and this may be a unique opportunity for her to build a lasting relationship.

But when her daughter Caroline - almost Ben's age - turns up in tears. jobless and rejected by her boyfriend. Flo is overcome by guilt. Flo faces an agonizing choice: neglecting her daughter in her hour of need or losing her chance at love.

Directed by Thierry Binisti
Casting Maruschka Detmers, Constance Dollé, Malcom Conrath, Delphine Rich
Broadcaster France 2
Produced by GTV, Ramona Productions & France2 co-production with the participation of the CNC.