Zodiak France

New Wave

1x90 minutes

The tale of the symbiotic friendship binding two teenage boys, the tale of despair and of its overcoming

A gripping tale of close friendship between two adolescents; a story of despair and renewed hope written and directed by Gaël Morel, and greatly inspired by his own memories of growing-up in the 1980s. The director returns to the stomping grounds of his own childhood to deliver this touching coming-of-age drama in the world of teenagers trying to forge their own identities without the help of the adults around them.

Written by Gaël Morel
Directed by Gaël Morel
Casting Béatrice Dalle, Marc Rioufol, Stéphane Rideau, Valentin Ducommun, Victor Chambon
Broadcaster Arte
Produced by GTV - Sandra d'Aboville