Zodiak France

Queen of the Screen

1x90 minutes

There was a time when Sylvie Lemaire had money. But more importantly, she was a success. Her nickname was "t;Queen Sylvie"t;.

Back in the 50s, she was one of the very first female television personalities. Alas, today no one seems to remember those glorious days when a public appearance by Sylvie would drive the masses into a frenzy.

Sure of her appeal and driven to regain the glory of her past, she sets out on a mission to ensure her immortality and to reclaim what is rightfully hers. And so, without warning, she heads off to track down her one true and ever faithful fan, Louis Fortier: a farmer living in the peaceful countryside of rural France.

Louis doesn't give a moment's thought to sacrificing everything, including his wife, for his idol and to help Sylvie's return to the public spotlight.

But will Queen Sylvie ever be capable of truly appreciating this act of love?

Directed by Renaud Bertrand
Casting Line Renaud, Nicolas Silberg, Geneviève Fontanel. Special guest stars Salvatore Adamo and Hugues Aufray.
Produced by GTV for France 3