Zodiak France

Sick of Love

1x90 minutes

Emmanuelle - Manue for short - is cracking up. After she waited on her father hand and foot. he went and got married again! At the wedding. her best friend Milène got her hooks into the bride's married son - and then there was Gilles?

She can't stop thinking about him. He was sexy and cool and they had so much in common. But just when things were getting seriously physical. she froze up.

Now her analyst says she should get back together with the guy. but her other best friend. man-eater Laure. has staked a claim on him. She's even talking about having a baby - Laure. the one night stand specialist!

Manue has to face facts: she's 28 and still a virgin. That's never been a problem. but she really likes Gilles and wants to know what all the fuss is about. Stocking up on X films. steamy photos and erotic audio. she begins to study?
Sticky Patches is a tornado of a film. a crazy whirl of cheating. jealousy. plotting. resentment. fixations and neuroses. But it'll all be OK in the end? won't it?

Directed by Bertrand Arthuys
Casting Agathe de la Boulaye & Bruno Slagmulder
Produced by Adrénaline, GTV, with the participation of the CNC