Zodiak France

The Dead Queen

1x90 minutes

Based on the theatrical play by HENRY DE MONTHERLANT from the Académie Française

Ferrante, King of Portugal, is to marry his son Don Pedro to the Infanta of Navarro. He doesn’t know that Don Pedro has already wedded Dona Ines de Castro in secret and that she is carrying his child.
Candid Ines captivates Ferrante with her earnestness and the purity of her feelings. But the old king must nevertheless resign himself to sacrifice the two lovers and their passion for the sake of the state.

Adapted from an eponymous play by one of France’s greatest writers, Henry de Montherlant from the Académie Française, The Dead Queen is a surprisingly modern film. By focusing on a tragic episode in Portuguese History, the author has come up with a fable of universal proportions and places two types of people at loggerheads with each other: those , like Ferrante and the Infanta, who can not do without power and those, like the lovers Don Pedro and Dona Ines, who have the power to do without.

The author’s poignant work is based on the never-out-of-fashion duality of love versus reason – a theme that has many times been exploited since “Tristan and Iseult” or “Romeo and Juliet”. The screenplay version, a film with Shakespearian undertones, shot in a genuine Portuguese setting, was adapted and directed by Pierre Boutron, the creator of many French television successes (Mr. Leon, The Silence of the Sea, The Dominici Case).

Directed by Pierre Boutron
Casting Michel Aumont, Gaëlle Bonna, Thomas Jouannet, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey
Based on a play by Henry de Montherlant
Broadcaster France 2
Produced by Christian Charret & Jacques Salles