Zodiak France

The Marquise of Darkness

1x130 minutes or 2x90 minutes

The passionate and tumultuous life of Marie-Madeleine de Brinvilliers in the 17th century

Influenced by her greedy and mysterious lover the Knight of Sainte-Croix, the infamous Marie-Madeleine is known to have poisoned her father and her two brothers. These murders allowed her to get her hands on the family inheritance, and to finally get rid of those nefarious men's influence. From then on, she has been free to live a life of gambling and vice with the man she desperately and doggedly loved.


Directed by Edouard Niermans
Casting Anne Parillaud, Olivier Perrier, Nicolas Bouchaud, Eric Ruf, Laurent Natrella
Written by Rémy Waterhouse, Eric Vicaut, with the participation of Gabrielle Borile, adapted from the novel by Catherine Hermary-Vieille (© Editions Denoël)
Broadcaster France 2
Produced by GTV - Sandra d'Aboville
© GTV / Be-Films / RTBF