Zodiak France

The Presence

1x90 minutes

If I lie. you'll go to hell !

Inès has moved into a new apartment with her husband Fred. Suddenly. she begins to hear and see things while he's away at work. Is it her imagination or is something stalking the passage? Something terrifying?

Much as Fred would like to believe Inès. he's far too rational. And far too busy hiding his affair with her sister Betty. He doesn't realize there's always a price to pay?

Betty is as puerile and selfish as her sister is mature and lucid. Betty wants Fred. But would she still feel that way if he weren't married to Inès?

A shrink lives just above. Perhaps he can help Inès forget her visions. But the bill could be ruinous?

He's a police lieutenant. Eddy to his friends. When Inès asks him for help. he's happy to oblige. And even lie. After all. the damsel in distress is a knockout and all alone. He may be a cop. but he's only human?

His job is to destroy pests. But what if the pest is him?

Directed by Philippe Setbon
Casting Sophie Guillemin. Matthieu Roze. Valerie Stroh. Olivier Marchal. Francois Morel and Sacha Bourdo.
Produced by Magnificat Films and GTV