Zodiak France


1x90 minutes

A large success on France 2 with 28% audience ratings on viewers aged 4 and above, and 36% on women under 50

When a major urban conglomerate decides to get rid of one of its small, dead beat companies in the countryside, Thierry, a 30-something, ambitious consultant comes up with a cynical plan: hire a total incompetent to run the place and drive it into the ground. The problem? The human “torpedo” chosen to top the worn-out enterprise is Dominique, a beautiful and energetic female, who not only thwarts the consultant's plan, but ignites a love story which turns everyone's world upside down.

Written by Paul Vacca, Vincent Solignac
Directed by Luc Boland
Casting Catherine Jacob, Pierre Cassignard
Broadcaster France 2
Produced by GTV
© GTV / Adrenaline / France 2